Tuesday, July 05, 2005


Work has sucked (has been sucking; had been sucking until now; will have been sucking for five days on Friday) ass the last few days. Allow me to share my schedule thus far this week:

0720: Arrive + Prepare for Classes
8000 - 1300: Class
1300 - 1800: Prep + Starve
1800 - 2100: Class
2100 - 2200: Prep for Tuesday + Waiting for Adam

0630-0800: Prep
0800-1300: Class
1300-1400: Travel to PNU area for Korean class + Quick lunch
1400-1600: Korean class
1600-1700: Return trip + prep
1700-2100: Class

0630-0800: Prep
0800-1300: Class
1300-1700: Prep + Making this Blog

Tonight will be more of the same. The madness of summer class registration seems to be dieing down today and everyone seems to be adjusting to the new workload. Nevertheless, it will be nice when the new teacher arrives to cover his classes. As bad as this seems (and as much as I love to bitch about it), others here have even more to do than I do... so I shall try to refrain from whining too much.

This is, after all, why they pay me the big bucks.


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