Friday, July 03, 2009

Professional Development

I decided to make a hasty list of some of the things I've done over the last year or so, in terms of professional development. I expect that this list will serve two primary functions: 1) to inform my future future development by helping me identify weak points; and 2) to assist me in giving concrete examples of the things I've done in future job interviews.

After having completed the list, I realized this as well: when you take the time to note down the things you've done/learned over the last year, it can add up to quite a bit!

white = completed
orange = planned
green = reading

2008 – Term 5 (Sept-Oct)
  • did foundation level certification for Activstudio (software for the interactive white boards at work)
  • taught first vocabulary-based skills course
  • read ‘Teaching English to Children in Asia’ – David Paul
2008 – Term 6 (Nov-Dec)
  • created and delivered parents’ workshop based on using songs at home
2009 – Term 1 (Jan-Feb)
  • taught an IELTS prep course for the first time
  • survived intensives
2009 – Term 2 (March-April)
  • did hours-down project to retool/redesign our Intermediate Listening & Speaking course
  • read ‘How to teach Vocabulary’
2009 – Term 3 (April-May)
  • completed CELTA-Young Learners Extension
  • read ‘Teaching Languages to Young Learners’ - Cameron
2009 – Term 4 (June-July)
  • hours-down project to augment Mega-TV (BC collaboration with an on-demand education channel here) & existing parents’ workshops
  • read ‘Methods & Materials in EFL’ – McDonough and Shaw
2009 – August Intensives
  • survive
2009 – Term 5 (Sept-Oct)
  • bus project (traveling through the Korean hinterland on a bus which serves as a portable classroom, teaching and teacher-training in rural areas)
2009 – Term 6 (Nov-Dec)
  • complete advanced-level certification with Activstudio


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