Monday, May 22, 2006

Dave Tate 2 - Wants and Needs

As long as he keeps putting up quality stuff like this, I will continue to steal it.

"...One other topic that came up dealt with commitment.

I am big into this and this is something I take very seriously. Since this whole "project" started (me getting into shape and getting healthy) I have been contacted many times (over 40 now) in regards to how I did it and what can they do to do the same thing. They all admire what I am doing but state they can't do it themselves.


Because on a commitment scale they suck. They all have stated that they want to do it (lose weight and get healthy) but they do not NEED to do it. To WANT something and to NEED something are two entirely different things. When you make a want a need then you are committed because at this point you cut off any other option except for success. Many don't like this because they also will take full responsibility and can't pass the buck or place the blame.

For me I want the ball in my hands, I want the responsibility and need the challenge. There are many things I want to do. These are on my want list but are not set goals because I am not committed to them. They may happen someday or they may not but I don't go around telling people about them because at this time I am not doing anything but thinking about them. When something hits my goal list then a NEED is established and I will do whatever I need to to make it happen because failure is not an option. I get in it to finish it, for better or for worse. The commitment is made and action is taken and stays on track regardless of how screwed up the track gets.

The problem with these people is they have not made a real internal commitment to what they want so it never becomes a need. This is fine enjoy life, have fun, train hard but don't tell me you can't do something or it is too hard to do because this is total bullshit. You have all over come more than this in your lives. You just don't want it bad enough."


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Super color scheme, I like it! Good job. Go on.

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