Sunday, August 02, 2009


I'll be going home in a matter of weeks and looking to indulge in the following: barbecue, berries, beer, MMA and games. In this first installment I'll put forward some of the games I'm looking at, along with the appropriate links and blurb, all of which can be found below.

Dead Space ***
"The survival horror genre is rife with games in which you are isolated in a hostile environment full of monsters, and Dead Space is no exception. But from the moment you're thrown into the middle of the fray in the heart-pounding introduction until the bone-chilling conclusion, it's clear that this is something quite unique. With its disturbingly twisted visuals, its deeply engrossing story, and innovative strategic dismemberment combat system, Dead Space is a best-in-its-class game that surpasses other entries in its venerable genre in nearly every way and will be the standard by which they are judged for years to come."

Jumpgate Evolution *** (Review #2) (Video)
"Imagine a battle with 150 other players split into three teams. Each team is trying to destroy the other teams' capital ships while defending its own. This results in some pretty epic dogfights. This large-scale PVP forces players to work in teams. That's because taking out a capital ship isn't easy; you must take out its turrets and then its generators before the main hull is vulnerable. To assist the teamwork, each member of a team is put in the same voice chat channel."

Red Faction: Guerrilla ** (Previews) (Video)
"When you first pick up the controller for Red Faction: Guerrilla, there's a very tempting trap to fall into. Between thoroughly destructible buildings and a free-roaming setup that allows you to meander along at your own leisure, that initial urge is to take your basic melee weapon--a miner's sledgehammer--and knock down every structure in sight. It's a slow process, but a rewarding one, as you see all that concrete, rebar, and iron come toppling down in a realistic crumble."

Hearts of Iron III * (Review #2)
"Featuring rich battle simulations that occur throughout 1936-1948, Hearts of Iron 3 will appeal to both veteran players and newcomers alike with brand new features, including a huge game map with more than 14,000 land and sea provinces. Players will soon have the opportunity to put their battle plans into action and take control of countries ranging from larger superpowers such as Russia or the United States, to smaller nations such as Costa Rica."

Section 8
"If you mixed one part Battlefield, one part Tribes, and added a healthy dollop of sci-fi, then you'd probably get something like SouthPeak's upcoming shooter Section 8. Thankfully, there's much more to this game than mimicking what's gone before, mixing powerful mech combat with lightning-fast airborne infantry. If you're a fan of team-based shooters, then Section 8 looks like it will warrant further investigation."

Fallout 3 (Review #2) (Video)
"A lot of games make a big deal out of player choice, but few in recent memory offer so many intricate, meaningful ways of approaching any given situation. You fulfill or dash the spiritual hopes of an idyllic society, side with slavers or their slaves, and decide the fate of more than one city over the course of your post-apocalyptic journey through the Washington, DC wasteland. Your actions have far-reaching consequences that affect not just the world around you but also the way you play, and it's this freedom that makes Fallout 3 worth playing--and replaying. It's deep and mesmerizing, and though not as staggeringly broad as the developer's previous games, it's more focused and vividly realized."

Prototype (Review #2) (Video)
"You are Alex Mercer. What exactly that means is initially unclear because this is a man who has lost his memory, but awoken in a morgue to a world in which he possesses untold power. A viral outbreak has claimed Manhattan, forcing the island into a military quarantine. The infected citizens are undergoing radical, monstrous changes -- none more drastic than Alex himself. This anti-hero finds himself with the ability to shape shift and absorb other beings. As the most powerful being on a closed island, the entire city is your playground."

Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box
"The amount of variety in the game is huge, and how you approach it is up to you; explore Paradise City's open world at leisure, unlock the 70-plus vehicles one at a time through single-player events, or join other players for races and challenges online. Couple this deep variety with the fact that it's hugely fun, and Burnout Paradise is easy to recommend."


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