Thursday, July 14, 2005

Rainy Season

We're beginning the end of the rainy season here in Korea. A thunderstorm rolled in this morning around 8am and it's expected to rain through Sunday, afterwhich we'll be moving into the drier phase of summer. This is most welcome, as it means the super-humidity levels will begin to taper off and I'll stop sweating like an animal on my walk to work.

There are three special summer days in Korea which mark the beginning, peak and decline of the hot season: 초복날, 중복날 and 말복날. Today is the first of these, 초복날 (choboknal). Traditionally Koreans will consume either 삼게탕 (samgaetang, chicken-ginseng soup) or 보신탕/영양탕 (boshintang / yeongyangtang, dog soup)--which gives a whole new meaning to "the dog days of summer".

Perhaps I shall have 보신탕 for lunch? (I prefer it to 삼게탕.)


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